Serving 3rd-8th grade football players attending any school in District 112 area and the Communities of Chaska, Chanhassen, Carver, Victoria & East Union

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WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS are set by the Southwest Metro league that CCFA plays under.

Here are the new weight restriction for the 2017 CCFA and Southwest Metro League.


(Weights are determined at equipment pickup and weigh-in.)


Ball Carrying Players (no stripes)
Any player who weighs less than or equal to these weights will be called “Ball Carrying” players which can line up in a position to carry or receive the football (running backs, quarterbacks, flankers and ends). They can also play ANY position on defense. 
Grade Weight
3 NR
4 <= 90
5   <= 100
6   <= 120
7   <= 140
8   <= 155 



Designated Players (single stripe)

Players within these weight limits will be called “Designated Players”. These players may not carry the ball or line up in a backfield position, e.g., as a blocking back, at any time during the game. They can play ANY position on defense.


Grade Weight
3 NR
4 >=91
5   >=101
6   >=121-135
7   >=141-180
8   >=156-195